Questions that you might ask us

1. How many children do you want to adopt?
We know that there is at least one child that is meant to be a part of our forever family. We leave it in Heavenly Fathers hands. Its His will that will be done. 

 2. How involved do you want to be with the birth parents life?
Todd & Karine:  We would love to be as involved as they are comfortable. If we are found before the birth, and they are comfortable with us being a part of it, we would love it. If not, we understand will support in any way possible.  We are open to sending pictures, emails and having visits. Our BirthMother will be an angel to us. We have so much respect and love for birth mothers and fathers. 

3.What does 'open adoption' mean to you?
 An "open" adoption to us, means that we will send pictures, emails, even have phone calls if the birthparents are comfortable with that. We can set up visits. It depends on the needs and desires of the birthparents. If they do not want contact and just pictures then we are willing to abide by their needs and wants.

4.Are you open to adopting a child with a different ethnicity?
YES, of coarse, a child is a child, they all need love and are all God's children!  We know who ever ends up in our family will be loved and adored. That they were meant to be in our lives and we have the faith that it will all work out :)

5.My Favorite Quote is?
Todd:  "  You know what Thought did, don't ya?   ...THOUGHT,  thought he went to the bathroom, but he didn't, so he pooped his pants."
Karine : "We are not promised tomorrow, we are only promised today."

 6.I love to collect?
Todd: model airplanes and books.
Karine:  angels and the Willow Tree Figurines

7. The best thing about being married is?
Todd: always having my best friend a part of my life.
Karine:  having someone share my life and witness everything that happens in it. 

 8.What book would you highly recommend?
Todd:  THE PEACEGIVER by James L. Ferrell.
Karine: Twilight series :) really great books

9. My Favorite Flower?
Todd : yellow and white Daffodils.
Karine : a lavendar rose.

10. The music I listen to ?
Todd:  oldies and 70's and 80's the best. He likes some country and enjoys real live bands.
Karine:  oldies, 90's and now stuff. She loves when people can play the guitar or piano as well